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                        Wearable technology will go where?

                        Imagine, a small piece of adhesive tape can be real-time collected data through your body and intelligent mobile phone to tell you what you need to pay or sunscreen; try to think of, a mounted on the sensor working dogs can give the owner send voice command... The world s science and technology workers in the application of round the clock to develop wearable technology, these applications will drive the technological innovation into a new realm, that can only be seen in science fiction movies in reality.

                        We are no longer just "use" technology. It is always around us, in our body, even in our bodies, our lives both inside and outside cannot do without it. Thus, a new popular word emerged, namely the Internet of things. Amazing diversity of IOT applications, monitoring equipment health and behavior of a person or an animal to the intelligent consumer products, it has spread to every aspect of our lives. Company Dairy has launched a number of intelligent products for farmers, including a cloud based on MooMonitor collar, the device can accurately monitor whether the cows in the best period of pregnancy.

                        Early applications of wearable technology including watches and lens corrected visual acuity, and later extended to health and fitness monitoring equipment, but also extends to the intelligent watch and the activity tracker. Samsung has recently launched a loading Android system model Galaxy intelligent watch, a timer with a touch screen, an extension to the intelligent mobile phone, it can play music, install the application, make a phone call, but also to exercise and fitness target tracking. Just by wearing a small wrist band, Jawbone UP ? can easily on sleep, exercise and diet and patterns of life in real-time tracking, provide important physical information for you, help you improve your health as a whole.

                        In addition, the Google Corporation have also launched the glasses to attract people s eyeballs, connected with the intelligent mobile phone for you, it can display information like the computer in front of you an eye lens. Voice command control is one of the highlights of this product, and the glasses also built-in GPS navigation, the camera and the camera function. The general public, a little too much like the 007 movie. A company called AugMedix is trying to explore the Google glasses in the role of medical and surgical operation.

                        Influence of new industry analysts and researchers were surprised at the surprising can bring the statistics and analysis, the data show that the application of wearable technology has been around the world. Some of the more bold forecast that 2014 shipments, wearable devices will reach more than 100000000, by 2018 this figure will be 485000000. The rapid development of science and technology in the short several decades, today s market than in any previous period are full of opportunities and possible, because we have broken through the technical constraints, so that everything becomes possible.

                        Wireless communication technology, is pushing the development and application of animal network backbone, it makes the application of science and technology becomes ubiquitous, be equal to anything. A built-in sensor device to transfer our personal data to the cloud for analysis and storage, but also can be connected to the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, the mobile handheld devices has powerful ability of processing, can be a plurality of data processing in equipment. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS intelligent technique based on the mature, efficient wireless connection design can reduce the requirement to wear equipment in processing capacity and power etc.. This efficiency will allow manufacturers to design, manufacture and launch the consumer can afford to buy the products, thus encouraging the mass consumption. There is no doubt, intelligent Bluetooth (previously known as the Bluetooth low energy) technology is the arena of real game changer, it makes the power consumption equipment so low, that only use a small button battery can maintain the equipment operation for several months or even years.

                        Low power technology this amazing has attracted worldwide attention OS supplier. Based on the intelligent Bluetooth cognition in the wireless domain influence, Apple has added to the intelligent Bluetooth support in almost all its equipment. Is the apple promotes such as Jawbone UP and Unikey Kevo smart keyless entry products new accessories on the confidence of this technology. Moreover, the wearable technology revolution is not limited to established companies and big game player. Entrepreneurs are the use of a variety of financing to develop and launch such as iDevices virtual closet, Lockitron and Pebble smart watch and other new products.

                        Apple is not the only company to a strong support intelligent Bluetooth technology. Microsoft, Blackberry, Android, Google and Samsung are among them, which provides a powerful platform for the explosive development of wearable devices. We can not predict the future what kind of products will appear in front of us. This technology can realize the wireless intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer and car audio and display system seamless syn onous connection, so as to realize the communication with pedestrians, other vehicles and infrastructure, but also in the future may realize wearable technology, connection or the body s internal medical sensor and vehicle.

                        Intelligent Bluetooth technology used in medical is endless, more and more companies are testing the sensor directly into the body. Starkey using WiFi and noise reduction technology to improve the intelligibility in various environments for the hearing impaired. Sensortech Corporation company has launched a new Department of orthopedics knee stability of products, the use of intelligent Bluetooth technology, can reduce the operation and recovery time, promote the wound to heal faster, and provide better pain management solutions reduce part wear.

                        Wearable technology in improving the environment, promoting has great potential between health and promote people to people exchanges. Any person, so long as has the imagination and connection technology based on standardized, can make the future a reality! Where wearable technology will lead to the road? - the answer is a huge "the Internet of things".