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                        Joint research and development center of communication RF integrated circuit was established in Suzhou in April, 2011. The Center was co-founded by the 54th Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, School of Microelectronics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Suzhou Panchip Microelectronics Co., Ltd. and was jointed by several state key laboratories and enterprises.

                        This center aims to break through the key technologies of communication RF integrated circuit, to develop key RF chips with  proprietry intellectual property, to create the technical innovation system of national communication RF integrated circuit. The center supplies a technical platform for the research results of Universities, solves industrialized bottleneck of RF chip mass productions for  research institutes.

                        The center is now based on Suzhou Panchip Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and has successfully participate in national Eleventh-five major special and multiple provincial and municipal scientific research subjects, and cooperative project in the center has been actively developed; the center is applying for subjects related to national Twelfth-five major special currently, and is actively participating in the construction of national ‘Twelfth-five’.

                        The center owns an outstanding group of technical talents, follows the cultural conception of ‘sincerity and mutual trust, open and respect, encourage to innovate and leading excellence’, and is gradually creating a research and development platform of domestic top-class communication RF integrated circuit to popularize the sustainable and fast development of Chinese communication RF integrated circuit industry.